A Few Geeky Events for May

Feeling the geek urges inside you straining at the leash? Need a cool event to go to where you can let it all out? Here are two coming up in the next couple of weeks that might be perfect for you.

Game-o-Rama - AtlantaMarriottPerimeterCenter - May 21st through May 25th

For all your gaming needs, this five-day event gives you plenty of room to play. You’ll find a wide variety of board games, card games, RPGs and more here, as well as an endless supply of people to play with. And for the collector, there will also be a flea market where you can buy, sell and trade old games for discount prices.

TimeGate - MarriottCenturyCenter - May 22nd, 23rd & 24th

Doctor Who fans in the US may not have access to the biggest and the best conventions (those are all in the UK, unfortunately), but we do have some pretty good events that take place every once in a while. This one focuses on all British media and will present a wide variety of guests, panels, gaming, cosplay and more.


Photo courtesy of game-o-rama.com