Fun Classes to Improve Your Sex Life

For those looking to add to the list of pros that they can bring to a relationship, there are plenty of great classes you can take right here in the city of Atlanta. Here are a few that will be taking place in the next week or so.

Champagne and Cotton Candy Class - Harley’s Honeycomb Hideout - Jan 22nd

The name of this class is a bit deceptive, as it deals less with champagne and cotton candy and more with the arts of oral sex. This one is for the ladies, so if you’re looking to learn more about how to please your lover in bed, then stop off and discover a trick or two to show him on Valentine’s Day.

Couples Massage Class - Fluidity Massage Institute - Jan 31st

Learn the arts of making each other feel wonderful at this amazing couples massage class. There’s no previous massage experience necessary either - you’ll be learning everything from step one. So reserve a spot and add a new, useful skill to your collection of relationship knowledge.


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