Fun Stuff Going on in Atlanta this December

When it comes time to make plans, check Atlanta’s calendar of events and find something unique to do. There are always interesting things going on in our city and here are a couple happening in the month of December.

Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival - dooGallery - Dec 11th through Dec 13th

In its 9th year of running, this film festival brings indie documentaries from all over the world into the dooGallery of Atlanta. Learn about people, places and other aspects of our world at this educational event. It’s a fun way to spend time with a date if you both happen to be intellectual film-lovers.

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie - Tucker - Dec 4th through Dec 21st

Try something very different this holiday by having a zombie-themed date with your someone special. This event puts you in a room with some other people (so you can bring your friends too) and gives you one hour to solve a puzzle before a zombie (that happens to be chained to a wall) gets you. A fun and sometimes stressful reasoning game for couples that prefer the unique.


Photo courtesy of EMR via Wikicommons