Fun Things to Do for the End of March

The month of March rolls on and slowly comes to a close. With its demise comes spring and a break from all the horrific cold. So why not grab up a date and do something special to celebrate? Here are a couple of great events you might want to check out.

BaconFest - The MasqueradePark - March 28th

It seems that these days everybody loves bacon. So, naturally, there has to be a festival that celebrates this particular incarnation of the slaughtered hog. BaconFest promises more than 2,250 lbs of bacon to devour as well as plenty of beer, live music and, of course, MORE BACON. Stop off and have the most fun you could have while clogging your arteries.

Atlanta Science Festival - Various locations - March 21st through March 28th

All throughout the city of Atlanta there’s a celebration of technology and science going on. For one week you can take part in hands-on activities, tour some famous science spots, watch presentations from people with huge brains and even catch a performance or two. So seek out a location near you and see what’s going on in the world of science.


Photo courtesy of cyclonebill via Wikicommons