Atlanta Botanical Garden
Act like kids while you explore nature with your date

It's one of the best date spots in Atlanta. Atlanta Botanical Gardens is home of the famous Living Sculptures, the perfect place for a kiss or two. Stroll hand in hand or act like kids while you play at the gardens.

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Garden Hood Atlanta
The Reader's Choise Best Garden Shop in Atlanta

Seeking something beautiful and meaningful for your lover? Get a gift at Garden Hood Atlanta. Explore the current featured plants or ask them for a romantic suggestion.

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Cator Woolford Gardens
Some of Atlanta's quietest, most lovely lands

Searching for a place for a lovely date outside? Try Cator Woolfrod Gardens. They are open to the public and they even do weddings, if you start to lean toward that way!

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Pike Nurseries
Get your sweetheart a plant on your date

Looking for a great gift? Try Pike Nurseries. You can buy your sweetheart a plant, a pumpkin, flowers or even a fun class to take together.

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The Beautiful Architecture of Atlanta

One fun way to get out and see your city is to take a tour of the many architectural wonders that it has to offer. Atlanta has a long history and many landmarks that are both beautiful and interesting. The Georgia State Capitol is by far one of the grandest buildings in the city. This building is more than 125 years old and is conveniently positioned right across the street from... Read More

Karaoke Melody
Throw a private party to meet singles in your area

Need a creative way to meet someone you like? How about a general way to invite lots of singles to a party? Book a room at Karaoke Melody where you can sing, dance and mingle.

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The Daiquiri Factory
Hit it on karaoke night for some singing and fun

Love strong, multi-colored drinks? How about good music and karaoke? Then you need to hang out at The Daiquiri Factory where you can enjoy all three and find someone interesting to hang out with.

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Hangbok Happy Karaoke
Get your karaoke on with other singles

Want to meet interesting people? Put yourself out there at Hangbok Happy Karaoke. Sure, you might look goofy singing "Muskrat Love," but you also might find someone perfect for you.

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Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room
Challenge your love to a sing-off

Karoke might be cheesy. It also might be the most fun you've ever had. Challenge your date to a karaoke competition at Sister Louisa's Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium to have the coolest date night ever.

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Take a Tour of Atlanta’s Historic Churches

One of the more beautiful sights to see in Atlanta is its collection of beautiful, old historic churches. The next time you have a spare afternoon, grab your special someone and have a look at these architectural masterpieces. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is 150 years old and has been updated over the years. The traditional architecture is laced with more modern... Read More