Studio Philisa
An art gallery and hair salon

Love art and beauty? Meet all kinds of interesting people at Studio Philisa. Check out art pieces, get your hair cut and maybe take a number home.

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Cabbagetown Clay & Glass
Art projects in Atlanta

Does your date enjoy pottery? Take him or her to Cabbagetown Clay & Glass on date night. You can take classes and marvel at sculptures together.

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A Few Events to Close Out the Month

April is almost gone and with the exit of one month brings the entry of another. As this rollover commences, why not see what’s happening that might make a good date idea? Here are two that you may wish to check out.

StuntFest - Atlanta Motor Speedway - April 26th

For those that love cars, bikes and live rap and hip-hop music, this... Read More

42 Degrees South
Art pieces and tobacco accessories in Atlanta

Does your girl or guy love his or her smokes? How about fun, quirky pieces of art? Visit 42 Degrees South to get the perfect romantic gift in Atlanta.

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Living Walls
An Atlanta art gallery

Taking an art lover on a date? Try the Living Walls of Atlanta. They are incredible outdoor art exhibits found throughout the city!

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Cheetah Lounge
A Midtown strip club

Looking for some good adult entertainment in Atlanta? Try the Cheetah Lounge. They also have Alluvia, a restaurant, if you are hungry.

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Magic City
A strip club in Atlanta

Looking for a Downtown strip club? Take your date to Magic City. You can eat fried chicken, people watch and of course, get a lap dance.

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Adult entertainment in Atlanta

Going out to the clubs to people-watch? Make it a strip club instead! Visit Onyx to meet some interesting people in Lenox Park.

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Clermont Lounge
An adult entertainment dive bar

Taking your date out to see some skin? Try Clermont Lounge in Atlanta. Be sure to ask for Blondie, the most well-known stripper!

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A Few Fun and Unusual Things for the End of April

For those that like their days and nights out to be a bit more interesting than the typical dinner and a movie, here are a couple of things going on in Atlanta that just might pique your interest.

TrekTrax Atlanta - AtlantaMarriotCenturyCenter - April 24th... Read More