The Bookhouse Pub
A home away from home for casual drinking and conversation

The Bookhouse Pub is a stylish bar that offers up some good drinks at affordable prices.  The atmosphere is relaxed and clean, with dim lighting and a jukebox filled with old 80s classics.  All-in-all, it’s kind of like someone took a great, corner dive bar and fixed it up to look a bit like a classic speakeasy and what resulted was something in the middle.  They’ve got a decent selection of... Read More

Meehan’s Public House
One of Atlanta’s better known names in Irish pubs

With three locations in Atlanta, including one right in the heart of downtown, Meehan’s Public House is a cool little Irish pub that is easy to find.  It’s also a very popular place to be, so expect the crowds to be rather large when it’s time for lunch rush or happy hour.  Still, if you don’t mind the crowds (or manage to come at an... Read More

The Albert
For good times and good drinks

A great little bar with plenty of things going for it, The Albert is perfect for those that want to get out and have some fun while tossing back a few drinks.  Whether you want to try you luck during trivia night or just settle in and watch the game, The Albert has what you need.  They even have little contests and events going on throughout... Read More

Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge
A classy little joint and events venue

If you are looking for a great bar with some of the best dance parties in the Atlanta area, check out the Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge.  Located beneath the Highland Inn Hotel, this place is part events venue and part bar.  Best of all, you can expect affordable drinks and friendly people at this drinking... Read More

The Earl
Cheap drinks and great live music

One of Atlanta’s best venues to see some live music, The Earl is a great dive bar that offers up a wide selection of bands all year round.  With cheap drinks and a lively dance floor, people looking to have some fun will find that The Earl fits the bills in all ways possible.  The drinks are cheap so you can get up some of that liquid courage... Read More

The Midway Pub
For the ultimate in beer and no-frills comfort

If you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere where people are there to relax, drink a few beers and watch the game, The Midway Pub fits the bill.  The drinks are reasonably priced and the food menu is big enough that you’ll likely find something that fulfills your stomach’s desire.  In addition, they’re always hosting events, so there’s something to... Read More

The Northside Tavern
One of Atlanta’s premier blue bars

Rated as one of the best dive bars in the U.S., The Northside Tavern has a long and illustrious history of providing a place for some of the best blues bands in the country to come and strut their stuff.  Many a famous modern bluesman has made their way through this tavern at one point or another and you never know when you might be... Read More

Take an Elephant Safari in Addo National Park
Explore South Africa from the back of an elephant

For a great couple’s adventure in South Africa, take a trip to AddoElephantNational Park and safari through the African landscape on the back of an elephant.  See the wonderful flora and fauna of the region as... Read More

Hiking the Zion Narrows
Take a short adventure through Zion Canyon in Utah

It may not be an epic, week-long hike across half-a-state worth of landscape, but even at 16 miles, the Zion Narrows in ZionNational Park are still... Read More

Grand Teton Climbing
Try your hand at this amazing and challenging climb

For couples that love a good climbing challenge, one of the best places in the states to test yourself is in the Grand Teton Mountain Range.  Head out during summer, when the ice and snow have left, and explore the beauty of this Wyoming landscape, pitting yourselves against nature.  If you’re an expert, just follow the routes you want.  Or if you happen to be new to climbing,... Read More