Eastside BeltLine Trail
A park in Old Fourth Ward

Looking for a fun place for an outdoor date? Try Eastside BeltLine Trail. You can take your bikes and enjoy the scenery, or even pack a picnic.

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Piedmont Park
A romantic park in Viriginia Highlands

Taking an outdoorsy person on a date? Try Piedmont Park. You can take a leisurely stroll, ride a bike and enjoy each other's company.

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Lullwater Park
Biking, geese-feeding and much more

Ready to enjoy some outdoor weather with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Visit Lullwater Park. Be sure to get there early for prime parking.

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Freedom Park
The perfect park for a bike date

Taking your date out for a bike ride? Enjoy some beautiful weather and scenery at Freedom Park. There are so many neat sights and sculptures to see there, too.

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Crazy Fun Events in April

Feel like doing something a bit different this month? Well, Atlanta is made for us strange folks, it seems, and there are two great, unusual events taking place during the first week of April. Check them out and make plans to get crazy.

International Pillow Fight Day - Grant Park - April 4th

It is time to get your pillows ready and join in the fight... Read More

Metro Family Fun Center
Challenge your date to a race

Love a good competition? Take your date to Metro Family Fun Center. You can race go karts, go bowling and try all kinds of fun things.

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Andretti Indoor Karting
An event space in Roswell

Going on a fun date? Take him or her to Andretti Indoor Karting. Challenge each other to a race and the winner buys dessert!

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Cherokee Batting Range
A downtown amusement park

Ready to challenge your sweetie at the batting cages? How about take on your date with a go-kart battle? Try Cherokee Batting Range on date night.

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Malibu Grand Prix
Go kart fun in Atlanta

Dating a sporty person? Try an outing at Malibu Grand Prix. You can race each other or have a batting cage competition.

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Fun Ways to Waste Time in Atlanta

March may be coming to a close, but the events calendar is still full of fun and interesting things to do. Here are a couple of date night destinations that you might want to consider for the next few weeks.

Andrews Wine Festival - Andrews Entertainment District - March 28th

It’s the second year of this new festival and this time around attendees will get the... Read More