The Sound Table
A fun Atlanta dancing and drinking bar

For a great mix of good food, live music and drinking, hit up The Sound Table.  This laid-back bar and dance venue is perfect for a fun and lively night out.  Toss back a few drinks, head out onto the dance floor and maybe meet someone new while you’re there.  The DJs usually spin electronic music, so if you’re looking for a “best hits of the 80s”... Read More

The Porter Beer Bar
More than 800 beer choices make for a great night out

Located in Little 5 Points, Porter Beer Bar is a place for true beer lovers.  They have over 800 beers available and serve up some delicious food to boot.  More than just your average bar, Porter Beer Bar looks to educate its customers on the glories of great beer.  They provide tasting events, put on festivals and even offer classes so you can... Read More

A top-class restaurant for a top-notch first date

Out northwest of Atlanta’s city center, in Vinings and along the banks of the Chattahoochee River is a wonderful and award-winning restaurant that makes a great place for a first date.  Canoe isn’t just famous in Atlanta, it has a reputation that has spread across the entire country.  Eat spectacularly prepared food and sip fine wines... Read More

Whiskey Blue
For a classy time, check out this hip, high-rise bar

Out on the edge of Atlanta, in North Buckhead, is a bar that really radiates class and style.  This bar is high up in the air, looming more than a hundred feet above the surrounding city.  Enjoy time on one of their two outdoor terraces and look for the person of your dreams.  The décor is sleek and stylish... Read More

Graveyard Tavern
DJs, bar food and a diverse crowd of 20-somethings

If you’re looking to find someone new to meet and you want someone that is lively and likes to party, check out the Graveyard Tavern out in East Atlanta.  This place is for the young and young-at-heart, however, so don’t expect to see too many people in their forties hanging around.  It also happens to be well-known for its excellent... Read More

Churchill Grounds
For a romantic night out listening to some great jazz

Churchill Grounds is a great restaurant and jazz club located in midtown Atlanta that makes for a perfect place to bring that someone special.  Great musicians that perform all their own original compositions take the stage.  For people that love jazz, this is the place to be in Atlanta.  The intimate ambiance makes the... Read More

American food for a classy first date

Aria is a restaurant and wine bar in the Buckhead region of Atlanta that is a great choice for a first date or any romantic night out.  This is the kind of place you dress up to go to and expect your food to be excellent.  The restaurant prides itself on its focus on slow-cooked food and superb service and they feature a full bar with an... Read More

Get healthy at this renowned Thailand resort and spa

For couples that want to get away from the world and consider health to be their top priority, the idyllic Chiva-Som Resort and Spa is a perfect destination.  Located at the Gulf of Thailand, this award-winning resort is positioned right on the beach.  When you first arrive, a health and... Read More

Rusinga Island Lodge
Take a wilderness vacation at this Kenyan oasis

For couples that want to leave the world behind, consider taking a trip to Kenya and staying at the amazing Rusinga Island Lodge.  This lodge is situated on the shore of Lake Victoria and provides everything that you might need for a romantic and peaceful getaway... Read More

Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, Paris, France
A food lover’s getaway to Paris

There is no doubt that a vacation in Paris, France is about as romantic an urban getaway as you can find.  But why not try something different while in this city of love?  For couples that love to cook, Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse offers a chance to learn from one of the best. ... Read More