Glenn Hotel
Great views and great service for a great romantic holiday

With nearly 100 years of operation under its belt, the 100+ rooms and suites of Glenn Hotel, hovering above the skyline of Atlanta, is one of the most amazing places that a couple could spend a romantic vacation.  The views are outstanding and the hotel, priding itself upon exceptional service, offers each guest a personal host to take care of all their... Read More

Stonehurst Place
A small, quiet and intimate retreat for couples

Stonehurst Place is a bed & breakfast built into a 19th-century mansion and located in Midtown Atlanta.  This award-winning accommodation is small and intimate, offering just six rooms and suites.  It may not offer as many amenities as larger hotels, but the privacy and cozy atmosphere is its own reward.  Stonehurst... Read More

Mandarin Oriental
Enjoying romance in Atlanta while being taken care of

The Mandarin Oriental is a chain hotel known for providing excellence, and its Atlanta location is no exception.  More than 100 rooms and suites, all luxurious in their own way, along with private balconies and amazing views make the Mandarin Oriental a great spot for couples and romance. ... Read More

The Ellis Hotel
Great service and a great location for that romantic Atlanta getaway

Located in the heart of the Atlanta downtown, The Ellis Hotel is a high-end luxury hotel that brings together a remarkable historic building with all the amenities of modern living.  Its 100 rooms provide the opportunity for couples to spend some romantic time together while still remaining within convenient... Read More

The Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead
The pinnacle of luxury in one of Atlanta’s ritziest neighborhoods

When it comes to luxury, the name of Ritz-Carlton is well known in the industry.  The hotel located in Buckhead is no exception to this rule, although it does offer a variety of room types for various budgets.  Located in the southeast area of Atlanta, in one of the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods,... Read More

Cloudland Canyon State Park
Explore one of the largest, most scenic views in Georgia as you get to know someone new.

While Georgia doesn’t have a Grand Canyon, the views at Cloudland Canyon State Park are nothing to discount. The elevation is up to 1,800 feet and two lovely waterfalls flow down the canyon, creating a breathtaking view that’s conducive for kissing, cuddling and much more. Take a romantic hike with your date or stay overnight at one if the campsites. The trails are marked clearly and easy to... Read More

Chief Vann House Historic Site
Also known as the Showplace of the Cherokee Nation, this house makes a great date conversation starter.

Explore this house, interpretive center and grounds on a date with someone new who shares your love of Georgian history and Federal architecture. More than 1,000 peach trees littered this property after its completion, symbolizing Georgian culture and filling the grounds with the sweet scent of fruit. Learn about the Trail of Tears and the Cherokees who once made their home at this historic... Read More

Bobby Brown State Outdoor Recreation Area
Soak up some sun as you splash around with a new lover and sneak a kiss in this beloved Georgia water spot.

As sexy as some fans find his music, Bobby Brown the singer is not the namesake of Bobby Brown State Outdoor Recreation Area. Instead, the State Park is 665 acres dedicated to U.S. Navy Lieutenant Robert T. Brown. There is plenty of playful water fun to be had at Bobby Brown State Outdoor Recreation area, so have your date bring a swimsuit—or less if you dare!—and head over to the reservoirs... Read More

Black Rock Mountain State Park
This romantic getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains offers breathtaking views that are sure to impress your date.

If you want an impressive 80 miles of incredible views to begin a romantic encounter with a date, look no further than Black Rock Mountain State Park in Mountain City, Georgia. Get a great look at the Appalachian Mountains as you get to know one another or snuggle on a picnic blanket under a blanket of blue sky. Be sure to bring plenty of wine and cheese so you don’t have to leave and can... Read More

Amicalola Falls State Park
These scenic, romantic falls offer the perfect Georgia cuddle spot.

It’s no wonder that the name of Amicalola Falls means “tumbling waters” in Cherokee, as the park is known for just that. These waterfalls lead to the famous southern Springer Mountain, and whether you want a quiet spot to connect with someone new or to finally propose to the perfect person, it serves as both quite well. Take advantage of the hiking trails for some outdoor conversation and hand... Read More